Fire Restoration


After the fire is out, we’ll be your one-stop solution, from start to finish, assisting you through this traumatic time.

Water Restoration


When you experience any kind of wind or storm damage, whether hail, lightening, tornadoes, or hurricanes, Giertsen will be on site with in one hour.

Wind Restoration


When you experience any kind of wind or storm damage, whether hail, lightening, tornadoes, or hurricanes, Giertsen will be on site with in one hour.


Our regional offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida allow us to quickly meet the needs of customers throughout the Midwest. We have the capability to provide services for residential, multi-tenant, commercial and industrial devastation throughout the region.


Emergency Services

Whether you are dealing with a wet ceiling from an ice dam or several feet of standing water, our team makes it their top priority to quickly contact you and assess the appropriate emergency response to the water damage event.  During the initial inspection we will:  determine the source of the water intrusion and take steps to stop it, determine the type of water damage sustained,  determine the extent of damage to the building/contents and photograph the damages.    In addition, our teams will utilize specialized detection equipment such as moisture sensors, moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to help determine the appropriate protocol for the situation & complete moisture mapping as necessary.  These crucial first steps ensure any water damage loss, big or small, is addressed efficiently and effectively. 

Once the individualized protocol is set, Giertsen utilizes water extractors, wood floor rescue mats, wall cavity dryers, air moving equipment, injectidryers and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry the area and inhibit microbial growth.  Monitoring of the equipment will continue until the moisture has been removed and the relative humidity is back to normal.  This scientific & directed approach is important to reducing damages and preventing mold growth, which can occur if left untreated. 


Construction Services

After the mitigation and drying steps have been completed, restoring the building to pre loss condition can begin.  The area can be sprayed with an antimicrobial treatment, and air scrubbers or hepa vacs can be utilized as necessary.  Whether the building damages are minimal or involve several buildings, Giertsen, as a full service restoration contractor can complete the repairs.  In addition, we can work with insurance company adjusters to determine the scope of damages, a timeline for repairs, provide an inventory of contents, discuss appropriate repair methods, and protect possible subrogation investigations.


Specialty Services

Mold growth can occur within 48-72 hours of water impact on a building.  Immediate action is the best course of limiting and controlling mold growth; however, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances in people’s lives immediate action is not possible.  That’s why we continue to have our team members trained and certified in mold remediation.  If a water loss also includes mold damage, we are prepared to take the next steps to make sure the building is safe. 

Many water events often involve more than just water cleanup. Giertsen also offers specialized services including business and personal property cleaning, biohazard clean up, document preservation, disposal of damaged items at your request, and secure, temperature controlled storage for contents.  Giertsen truly is a one stop water damage restoration contractor.

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